Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Season 1 Finale in editing now!

Well, we had a great shoot for episode #21 of "Family" the web series last sunday. Well, in truth we shot only half the episode, and we actually postponed half until next Tuesday. The Sunday shoot was
way overscheduled (my bad!) and with a live chat and a screening that night too, there was no way
we were getting it all in.

We had a gorgoeus downtown office location to shoot in, thanks to Allena Gabosch and Chandra Imel. It all went smoothly, if a little behind schedule, but then when we went to shoot the exteriors at the same office building, we got barely into it before
the property manager came and told us that just because we had permission
from a tenant to shoot in one of their offices, didn’t mean we had
permission to shoot on the front steps of the building. Grrrr!

With some secretive pressing of the record button while we were all standing
around pretending we weren’t shooting, we managed to get all we needed and
then moved to the city sidewalk to shoot the rest. THEN, the management
came back and told us we could be on the sidewalk but that we couldn’t have
their building visible in the background of our shots. GGGRRRRRRRR!

Anyway, we did finish all the office location scenes, Amber Eric & Ernie will
come back to do the house scenes, and then it really WILL be over.
I am terribly ambivalent about it, now that it is finally here.

There are still things in the works for possibly letting us continue the web series, and for possibly getting it on a cable station, but it's all very early stages of negotiation right now. I will keep you all informed if and when something really exciting happens!

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