Monday, April 20, 2009


Our account at youtube has been suspended because they found something objectionable in Ep #12 of "Family", which is APALLING! I hope some of you got a chance to watch it, so you can tell me you agree that their decision was RIDICULOUS. A woman is shown sitting in a bathtub (the actress was wearing a bathing suit which is hidden by bubbles) and her bare SHOULDERS and BACK are partially visible! I mean have you seen some of the GARBAGE on youtube that they DON'T pull down?! I am sickened by this unfair double standard, wonder if it was actually the mere subject matter of the show that got their hackles up, and hope you will help me spread the word that you can still find "Family" at If episode #12 isn't there quite yet, it will be later today.

FIGHT CENSORSHIP. TELL EVERYONE. POST & BLOG. Thanks very much for your support. :)

Terisa Greenan
"Family" the web series

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Roadbike said...

I totally agree that it was ridiculous to censor the episode, but, just wanted to voice my concerns about something else in it.

I want to know what the deal is with Grant. Because, in all honesty, I don't know what to think, but am kind of concerned that his character's just some kind of 'funny' character foil or something. The condecending way that he's treated by a number of the characters in the show (ie episode 13 after his hair cut when he's called a "good boy"), as well as the clumsy handling of his scripting seems to use him and his apparent mental illness as some sort of fucked up comic relief.

I really appreciate what you're doing with the show, but am just really confused by this and like to know what your intentions are in Grant's portrayal.