Wednesday, April 22, 2009

youtube eats their words......

Okay – there’s an update – the youtube channel is now back up, as mysteriously as it went away. I got an email yesterday that our account was TERMINATED, not just suspended, and that I was never allowed to have a youtube channel again, and now it’s back up with no word from them on why. I guess I'm glad, and I hope it was because tons of "Family" viewers, and I, wrote in and complained. But I don’t know. I think everyone should watch on NWLIVE from now on, so I can sever my relationship with the conservative, and apparently mercurial, youtube.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Our account at youtube has been suspended because they found something objectionable in Ep #12 of "Family", which is APALLING! I hope some of you got a chance to watch it, so you can tell me you agree that their decision was RIDICULOUS. A woman is shown sitting in a bathtub (the actress was wearing a bathing suit which is hidden by bubbles) and her bare SHOULDERS and BACK are partially visible! I mean have you seen some of the GARBAGE on youtube that they DON'T pull down?! I am sickened by this unfair double standard, wonder if it was actually the mere subject matter of the show that got their hackles up, and hope you will help me spread the word that you can still find "Family" at If episode #12 isn't there quite yet, it will be later today.

FIGHT CENSORSHIP. TELL EVERYONE. POST & BLOG. Thanks very much for your support. :)

Terisa Greenan
"Family" the web series

Monday, April 6, 2009

Donations are a glorious thing!

Thanks to the lovely "Family" fans who have donated funds, I was able to purchase a couple of much needed equipment pieces to help in the production of the web series. I got a furry microphone cover for shooting outside on windy days, and 2 long attachment arms for my light stands. Thank you so much for all your help in making this show the best it can be! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Six months of "Family" in the can!

Wow! What an amazing, stressful, chaotic, crazy and hopefully FUN shoot
we had for episodes 11 & 12! Yes, we shot them both in the same week, as it is another 2-part episode. Thanks to all the cast & crew for their
cheerful flexibility. There were so many strange circumstances, and so many
of them were sick with colds and flu, that given everything, I really think it went very
smoothly, and I so appreciate all of them being able to handle last minute
changes and crises with such professionalism and grace. Really. They are
all so GREAT to work with. It is not always this insane, but sometimes a
little insanity is exciting too, right?! But I am glad it’s

The footage looks fantastic as always, thanks to all the cast & crew, and
we are in the process of getting some pickup shots. I will try to get
Episode #11 up on this Sunday as scheduled (website says the 5th but that is a typo), but this may be the first episode to be a day late. I hope all the viewers and fans will forgive me.

I never expected this web series lark to get so big and popular, and turn into such a full time job! At this 6-month mark, I am seriously sleep-deprived, and loving every hectic minute of it! Now if only I could figure out how to make some money at it! But we are always accepting donations to keep the costs down, so if you can help out with any amount, we'd sure appreciate it. Go to to find out how to donate. And t-shirts will be coming soon, so be sure to order those when you can. And then in the fall, the DVD, complete with special features, interviews, and bloopers will be available for sale. Hopefully you will all want to buy one! We would love it! THank you again to all the fans and viewers who give us a reason to keep making the show. Keep on tuning in. Cheers. :)