Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Re: Censored & Uncensored versions of "Family" episodes

Most episodes of "Family" are available on the 3DogPictures YouTube channel.

YouTube does not find certain episodes of "Family" acceptable. They are not pornographic, but they show nudity and simulated sex. (Really, they are pretty mild compared to most R-rated movies.) For those episodes, censored versions are available on YouTube. To see the original, uncensored versions:

Visit the 3DogPictures channel on Daily Motion. You will have to log in to see the episodes that have been flagged for "explicit content". (Why Episode 4 is among those flagged is beyond me. No nudity, no sex, just a couple of people talking. Go figure.)

We will soon be taking pre-orders for the DVD of "Family", Volume 1, which of course will contain the full, uncensored episodes.

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