Sunday, December 7, 2008

Catastrophic equipment failure on the set of "Family!"

So we were going right along shooting episode #3 of "Family" last night and our camera's hard drive storage device failed completely and unexpectedly. So we switched to non hi-def tapes to finish the shoot, but when we saw the footage we realized that that non hi-def quality was not what we wanted to put out there for our web series. This morning we (and by that I mean Scott and Larry) called everyone we knew and surfed the internet and did everything possible to find a replacement device or an alternate storage solution, because we had another shoot scheduled for today! But things tend to be closed on Sundays and so ultimately we did find a solution but we still had to cancel today's shoot because our solution couldn't be delivered until monday. And our actor for today's shoot flies out of town tomorrow. And our actress works all day most weekdays. BUT luckily all the stars lined up in the end - a replacement device will be delivered by overnight mail tomorrow morning. Our actress has got the afternoon off work to reshoot yesterday's scene. Our actor will be back from Chicago on Tuesday, and the location is available on Wed for today's cancelled shoot. Welcome to indie filmmaking. It was exciting.

Episode # 3 of "Family" will be up on December 13th as promised. Unless something else goes horribly wrong.....

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