Monday, May 26, 2008

MSM sequel!

It's officially underway. Our resident creative genius, Scott Campbell, is writing, writing, writing. After a couple of false starts and failed attempts to start another novel he feels passionate about, Scott went back to an idea that has been percolating in his crazy, idea-filled head since he finished "Miss Shellagh's Miniskirt" (the novel) in January 2007: the sequel.

Of course the details are a closely guarded secret, but Scott revealed to me that the title of the MSM sequel is "Being Patty's Dad." We'll let you all try and figure out what that means. All the more difficult for those of you who haven't yet seen the film. Hee.

After you have seen the film, feel free to email Scott with any brilliant ideas you have for where the characters and the story should go.

scott AT petalfilms DOT com

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